Our Preschool Program

            AGES 3- 4 YEARS

• Focuses on learning, creativity, and cooperation with others
• Emphasis on development of self-confidence, curiosity, and self-discipline
• “Creative Curriculum” includes music, language, physical, social, academic skills, and creative expression
• Learn to respect others
• Develop a positive attitude toward school and learning
• Small group activities planned for every child, throughout every day
• Literacy and writing activities are age appropriate and provided daily
• Activities and music to balance learning and fun
• Emotional and social development with peers and teachers
• Planned outdoor activities for physical fitness and development
• Daily enrichment activities to encourage imaginative and creative play
• Decision-making skills to support growing mind

Our Preschool Program offers our children an opportunity to participate in a many robust experiences including:
  • Immersion into the Spanish Language with SpanishFUN and Señorita Sarah
  • Physical Education while learning through play promoting confidence and teamwork by participating in Soccer Shots.
  • Reading comprehension and Literacy with our connection with Cincinnati Public Library
  • Plus More......
Tuition Assistance through Preschool Promise

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