Our Infant Program

We welcome baby's starting at 6 weeks of age. Our rooms are designed to make babies and parents feel safe, secure, and happy. Our highly trained teachers provide a healthy early learning environment for movement, exploration and communication.


Our infant room is set up to be a warm, nurturing environment.  Individualized Lesson plans focus on every aspect of development including, cognitive, language, physical (fine and gross), as well as social/emotional. 


We are committed to partnering with our parents from the first time their little one enters our classroom. we have designed a nurturing, creative world for infants to explore their surroundings and help their minds and bodies develop in addition to the exceptional care your baby will receive, we will also begin to incorporate our individualized curriculum to make sure your baby stays on task and meets their milestones at the appropriate stage for them. We are committed to loving, nurturing, and protecting your baby while they are in our care.  We know it can be difficult to leave your infant  and feel confident that they will get the same love and care that you give, but rest assured, our infant teachers will build a bond with you and your baby that will put your mind at ease.


Activities in the infant room include free floor time, discovery of the senses, motor development, music and movement, outdoor exploration, healthy meal and snack times, and relaxation and peaceful rest.


We feel that the program we have created is an Infant program and we are confident you will find the same.

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infant toys
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